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Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Do yourself and your family a favor today by calling 4:11 Service Company to schedule our complete air duct cleaning process. If you do, you will create a dramatic improvement in the air quality of your home.

Our process eliminates dust, pollen, mold spores, and dust mites found in your home – major causes of allergies and illness. We sanitize the air conditioning unit and the length of the duct. Nobody does a more thorough job than 4:11 Service Company.

Your air conditioning and ventilation system collects a variety of undesirable contaminants including dust, molds, fungus, and bacteria, which may contribute to allergies.

Using efficient equipment, 4:11 Service Company thoroughly cleans your ventilation system. Each duct is cleaned individually from the grill all the way to the main unit.

The average duct cleaning includes the following steps:

  • The air duct vents are visually inspected to determine the level of contamination. Furnishings are protected or moved before the cleaning process begins. All work areas are vacuumed after completion. There will be no evidence of dust or dirt left in any of Vent part of the home or office as a result of the cleaning process.
  • Vent registers and grills are removed and cleaned. Dirty ceiling around vents are vacuumed.
  • Supply and return ductwork are cleaned using our unique process -- a system that gently brushes, air washes and vacuums contaminants from the duct system.
  • A disinfectant is fogged into the entire air duct system, eliminating over 90% of all dust mites, bacteria, mold, mildew, and odors.
  • A high-powered truck mounted vacuum unit is connected to the ductwork to remove all dust, pollen, mold spores, and all other foreign materials.
  • Biological contamination, such as mold, fungus, bacteria and allergens are removed from the system and captured in the vacuum unit. The entire ductwork and heating unit is sanitized with a bacteria stat, fungi stat, and a germ stat that is environmentally safe for everyone.
  • Filter effectiveness is evaluated and high efficiency air filters can be installed in the central air system to prevent it from becoming re-contaminated.

Don’t worry; this is not a messy process! The vacuum unit vacuums as it brushes so all dust is transported directly to the machine.

Please call us today to improve the air quality in your home!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most people understand that when you clean your clothes dryer vent, your dryer will run more efficiently saving you money and energy. But did you also know the built-up lint in your clothes dryer vent is the second leading cause of house fires?

4:11 Service Company will check your dryer unit to ensure it is functioning properly and that the proper equipment is in use. We use specialized tools and procedures to clean dryer vent ductwork and the entire process usually takes about one hour, but cleaning is only one part of our service. The dryer vent is also inspected for mechanical issues that could cause future equipment malfunctions and safety hazards.

Many dryer manufacturers, such as Maytag, recommend that residential dryer ducts be cleaned annually for fire-prevention, health and energy-saving purposes.

There are often obstructions in the vent duct such as bird nests. For the dryer to heat properly, the duct must be clean and clear of lint or any other substance. Dryers are designed to remove approximately one gallon of water per hour from your wet laundry. If the vent line is clogged electric dryers can burn out the heating coil, while gas dryers can pump hazardous carbon monoxide gas back into your home.

Further, your dryer vent hose should be made of aluminum, the white vinyl duct that was common years ago no longer meets most building codes. It can ignite from the heat released by the dryer and create a potential fire hazard in your home.

Please call 4:11 Service Company today and ask us about this service and about how we can save you money by combining dryer vent cleaning with one of our other cleaning services you want done as well.

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