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Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Your home looks and smells its best when the carpets are clean, and 4:11 Service Company’s truck-powered equipment to make your carpet look almost new again.

Research shows that cleaning your carpet helps to maintain a good indoor air quality. In fact, the carpet can be considered part of the closed air duct system, since it grabs a major part of the dust coming out of the air ducts. Dust from the carpet is transferred through the air return ducts to the furnace, and then to your air ducts and the process is continual. That is why we recommend cleaning both the duct system and the carpet on a regular basis.

Think vacuuming your carpet keeps it clean? Think again. Even the best vacuum cleaner collects only a small percentage of the dust, dirt and other allergens in your carpet, including pet dander and dust mites. There are billions of these tiny insects that thrive on the stuff your vacuum cleaner doesn't eradicate – the only way to rid your carpet of these pests is a high-pressure cleaning.

4:11 Service Company uses advanced cleaning equipment. We guarantee your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned and the proper Ph levels will be restored by using this procedure.

  • Water is mixed with an environmentally safe, but highly effective cleaning agent, available only to professionals.
  • An aromatic deodorizer is also mixed with the cleaning solution to leave your carpets smelling as fresh as possible.
  • Depending on the level of soiling, stain removers and degreaser may be applied as a pre-spray treatment to assist in the cleaning process.
  • A truck mounted professional carpet cleaner heats water at 140-160 degrees to effectively steam clean your carpet.

Cleaning your carpets regularly can actually save you money. Instead of replacement, regular cleanings can keep your carpets looking good for years to come.

Please call us today to schedule us to come to your home and make your carpet look its best again and improve the air quality in your home.

Tile Cleaning

Tile and grout are usually found in areas of your home that experience high foot traffic, and therefore they get dirty more quickly. Why bring new life to your carpets, and not the same to the tile floors in your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway? There are stains and buildup, in your grout lines, that simple mopping can not remove.

4:11 Service Company can now get your floors looking sparkling clean with our new state of the art powerful truck-mounted cleaning process and floor tool. By using a pre-treat cleaner and the RX20, a rotating tile brush that rotates 600 a minute, soil, grease and dirt are removed from the tile and grout. We utilize the power of steam at 160 degrees of heat, to blast away the years of contaminants from your tile floors.

It is highly recommended that after each cleaning you have your tile resealed to prevent staining in your grout and prolonging the nice, clean look that you desire.

Our professional-grade tile cleaning equipment will amaze you – it powers out dirt, even in the grout.

If you think your tile can't come clean, let us prove you wrong!

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