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Chimney Services

In 1991, we set the standard for chimney sweeping in Austin as The Mad Hatter Service Company.

The Austin Fire Department is on record as recommending that you get a professional to inspect your chimney each year and have it cleaned after burning one cord of wood -

Please see ‘Fireplaces’ - http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/fire/heaterfireplace.htm.

Why is it so important? Simple: Clean chimneys are safe chimneys. Deadly creosote buildup, building defects, bird nests and other issues can be potential hazards to safely operating your fireplace.

4:11 Service Company cleans your chimney thoroughly and inspects it for hidden dangers. We will carefully inspect your entire system for defects and hazards, clean it thoroughly, and make sure your chimney opporates efficiently. We can also remove animals and nests, repair your chimney or fire box as needed, and check all safety considerations in your chimney.

Using our Mastersweep, the top of the line in chimney cleaning products, we thoroughly clean all five parts of your chimney.

  • The firebox, the place where your fire actually burns, is cleaned first. We ensure all areas are covered, to prevent soot and debris from getting onto your hearth.
  • All sides of the damper. This helps to ensure proper opening and closing.
  • The smoke shelf, this is the place most likely to collect debris, such as, bird nests, leaves, spider webs, and creosote. Having this cleaned at least once a year will significantly reduce the potential for fire.
  • The area that pyramids into the flue is called a smoke chamber. This area is also deep cleaned to snuff out any potential for a fire hazard.
  • Using specially designed brushes, we also clean the flue all the way to the top. This will give you piece of mind knowing that all areas from the bottom at the fire box all the way to the top of the flue are clean and safe for another fire burning season.

Don’t delay. The cost of a comprehensive chimney system inspection, cleaning, and repair is nothing compared to the potential of a home fire caused by dirty chimneys or fireplaces and chimneys in disrepair.

Please call 4:11 Service Company and let us safeguard your home against such dangers and give you piece of mind today to enjoy your fireplace at will. We can also provide you with chimney and fireplace related products such as chimney caps, lock top-energy efficient dampers, and ash pit dump doors.

4:11 Service Company
P.O. Box 1054
Round Rock, TX 78680
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